Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Financial organization , product diversification

Robert Gill, a New Jersey financial advisor, founder and CFO of Epic Wealth Management for more than a decade. In this role, Robert Gill helps his clients to understand deferred compensation plans and other financial products. EPIC has tools and technological platforms backed by human integrity that allow clients to make logical financial decisions and can measure their investment decisions. Once a financial philosophy is embraced , it allows clients to stay the course when the road gets bumpy. EPIC’S platform is built on a groundbreaking view of client’s financial world that is updated daily. 

Designed for high-earning employees and executives, the deferred compensation plan allows a participant to set aside more of their pay than is permitted under a 401(k) or comparable retirement vehicle. The money grows on a tax-deferred basis, although the employee would have to pay taxes on its withdrawal. If the saver is in a lower tax bracket at the time of withdrawal, he or she would save the difference in taxes due.

In some cases, the employee can also choose an investment vehicle in which to place the deferred compensation contributions. In other cases, however, the company may pay interest directly to the saver. Both versions allow the deferred funds to remain in the possession of the employer.

This means that if the company finds itself in financial trouble, participants in deferred compensation plans may see their money allocated to secured creditors. This does translate to some degree of risk, but many high earners find the increased flexibility in saving for retirement to be worth the potential loss.