Friday, March 15, 2019

Reasons to Complete Estate Planning

A distinguished wealth management and insurance professional, Robert Gill is the founder and managing director of Epic Wealth Management in New Jersey. Giving each client individual attention focused on growing their income while minimizing risk, Robert Gill of New Jersey specializes in estate planning

A common misconception is that estate planning is only for the very wealthy. However, anyone who wants to control what happens to their assets and dependents in the event of death or serious disability should think about estate planning. Going through the estate planning process with a professional gives you the opportunity to specify instructions for your care if you become disabled, and name a guardian for any minor children.

Estate planning also may include purchasing life insurance, so you can continue to financially provide for your family if you become disabled or die unexpectedly. Business owners also should use estate planning to plan for the transfer of their business at retirement, or in the event of disability or death. Making these types of estate plans with a trained advisor can help you minimize tax burdens and avoid probate court costs later down the road.

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